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Présentation de l'entreprise :

Maïsadour Semences, 140 Millions d'euros de CA et 700 salariés, sélectionne et met en marché ses propres semences de maïs, de tournesol et de colza. Sa marque MAS Seeds est présente dans près de 40 pays dans le monde et plus de 50% de ses effectifs sont basés hors de France. C'est également un des principaux producteurs de semences de maïs et de tournesol en Europe.

Maïsadour Semences est une filiale du Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour, 1er groupe coopératif du Sud de la France avec ses 5 600 salariés et son chiffre d'affaires d'1,34 Milliard d'euros. Le Groupe Coopératif Maïsadour est également présent au niveau mondial avec 11,4 % de ses effectifs répartis sur plus de 80 pays.

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Context of the internship :

Maisadour semences is selling hybrid seeds of major crops under the brand MAS Seeds. For several decades the development of inbred lines for creation of superior hybrids has been done at the field research center in Neckarmühlbach, Germany, for the early maize markets. Following a switch in breeding focus to inbred lines suitable for the creation of silage hybrids, the investigation of digestibility traits and understanding the quantitative genetics related to forage quality have risen in importance. The silage market from 150 to 350 FAO is largely dominated by varieties offering a high content of energy transformable to milk by dairy cattle. Therefore the combination of high and stable yield with excellent feed value is desirable for the development of new varieties.


A review and evaluation of commercialized varieties as well as material in the selection process of MAS Seeds will be done. Access will be granted to field trial results of hybrids from past years, but also to results from specific core collection projects with inbred lines aiming to assess the per se value for the principal genetic resources of MAS Seeds.

The intern will be asked to review and interpret hybrid results, compare them to per se data, study genome wide associations and make proposals on the future strategy for assessing feed value at MAS Seeds.

We would like to improve the way we measure the quality of our inbred lines in terms of feeding value and especially evaluate the application of molecular marker based approaches to increase the efficiency of our selection. Some selection projects with marker assisted selection are already under development and can be evaluated in this context.

Work to be accomplished:

1.      Literature review including earlier internship projects

  • quantitative genetics of digestibility traits, relation of parent and hybrid performance
  • comparison of MAS Seeds technology to state of the art

2.      Multiple year analysis of digestibility traits in hybrid trials,

  • dynamics of digestibility traits as a function of dry matter content at harvest
  • identification of digestibility traits being suitable for Marker assisted selection/genomic selection and being stable across environments

3.      Review of several years of core collection data from nursery trials for digestibility and other traits

  • comparison of molecular score for a breeding population and subsequent measurement of the phenotype of selected lines per se in the field
  • identification of genetic resources with superior digestibility traits and conclusion concerning future breeding strategy

The internship will be based in Germany (Hassmersheim). 

Profil du candidat recherché :

Student in Agronomy, you are interested in selection.

Speaking German would be a plus.

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Bac+4,Bac+5 et plus